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You may have heard…essential oils are for hippies and weirdos. Right? NO! They are all the rage right now. But are they worth it? 


We struggled with infertility and miscarriages for years before having our son. It led me to search for ways to improve my fertility and figure out what I needed to actually get and stay pregnant. I was also on a mission to become healthy, not just for pregnancy but also to be around a long time for this family we wanted so badly. My search opened my eyes to hidden toxins in so many products we use daily, personal care, cleaning supplies, you name it! I began my journey to find items that were safe to use that wouldn’t compromise my family’s health.

Enter Young Living essential oils. We began using the oils and many other products and I loved knowing I was providing my family with safe items that would help support our bodies overall. Ditching toxic chemicals is always on my radar and I thrive on helping others learn about what is in their everyday go-to’s and ways to switch to something they can have peace of mind in knowing it is safe for their family too!