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Am I supposed to do that?

Can I eat that while I’m pregnant? Am I “allowed” to workout right now? What can I do to have a healthy pregnancy and birth experience? Is there anything I can do NOW to help me recover after baby arrives?

I wish someone had helped me have a healthier pregnancy. My doctor was amazing and I loved her. I valued her opinion, don’t get me wrong, I just knew there was more to this season and I was not sure how to maximize this short time frame in life. 

We can work together towards your goals for overall health, reduce your toxin exposure, while creating a healthy pregnancy for BOTH you and baby.

I struggled with infertility and miscarriages, which lead me to search for ways to improve my fertility and figure out what I need to actually get and stay pregnant. I began my journey to find products that are safe to use that wouldn’t compromise my family’s health. 

By focusing on your diet, how you exercise, what products you use, and even your mental wellbeing, we can make strides together to create a healthy pregnancy, help with the lack of energy and even curb the morning sickness! Want to know more? 

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